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im plent▓y to eat, and when he was rested, ●he could start back.She got into the carriage a●nd we drove on.

I never have under▓stood that message from Maum Milly, whether● it was a genuine anxiety on her part, or whe●ther it was to keep mamma from coming and ●asserting her rights, by intimidating{2●53}

  • us on{252} horseback and●
  • , to our surprise, Julius Pr
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her.Maum Milly had always be▓en greatly considered and trusted.S▓he held herself and her family as vastly

●superior to the ordinary run of n●egroes, the aristocracy of the ra●ce.Whatever her intention was, the message▓ had no effect on mamma’s plans,▓ and we never left the public road. That ni▓ght we stopped at a house where dark caugh


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